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  • What is Skinny Pasta®?
    Skinny Pasta® is made out of the konjac root, a plant native to Japan, that has been in use there for hundreds of years. Because of its health benefits konjac is now grown all over Asia. Konjac contains fiber which absorb liquids and may help you feel fuller longer.
  • What does Skinny Pasta® taste like?
    Skinny Pasta® is similar to traditional pasta in that it takes on the flavor of the sauce or other ingredients you are cooking with.
  • Can Skinny Pasta® replace pasta in any recipe?
    Skinny Pasta can be a one-to-one replacement in all pasta recipes. Enjoy it with any pasta sauce or seasoning, in soups, salads, pies and even desserts (see our recipe section for some yummy ideas).
  • What is the difference in calories between Skinny Pasta® and regular pasta?
    Regular pasta has 300-500 calories per serving on average. Skinny Pasta® has 29 calories per serving and does not contain sugar, gluten, sodium or fat.
  • How is Skinny Pasta® different from Pasta?
    Pasta is made from processed flour. The high amount of carbohydrates in pasta may affect your blood-sugar levels and cause your health to suffer. There are glutens in pasta, which some people cannot digest. Skinny Pasta® is gluten-free, fat free, sugar free, cholesterol free and high-fiber noodle alternative.
  • Can you microwave Skinny Pasta?
    Yes microwave for 2 minutes or until hot.
  • Why Fiber?
    The fiber in konjac noodles is called glucomannan, and it can control your blood sugar and cholesterol and even help you lose weight. Fiber is important because it encourages the peristaltic action in your intestines that moves food through your digestive system. Think of fiber as the personal trainer for your gut, it helps improve muscle tone.
  • What diets is Skinny Pasta® appropriate for? Can diabetes, vegans or people who have celiac eat it?"
    Yes! Anyone can eat Skinny Pasta®. Since this pasta is organic, all natural, plant-based, contains no sugar and is gluten-free it is appropriate for many diets including ones for people with diabetes or celiac, Vegan,Paleo, Atkins, Keto, Vegetarian and Weight Watchers.
  • How do I cook the Skinny Pasta®?
    Skinny Pasta® is pre-cooked and ready to eat within 2 minutes. Just open the pack, wash and drain, and serve with your favorite sauce. You can cook or saute the Skinny Pasta® with sauce in a pot or in the microwave. The Skinny Pasta® will absorb all the flavors you added.
  • Why is the Skinny Pasta® kept in water?
    The Skinny Pasta® is pre-cooked and kept in water in order to keep its shape and ensure it doesn’t break. After opening the package, drain and wash under warm water and add to your favorite sauce.
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